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The New Undertow  Driving Your Business 

Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Clients & Business

Let Digital Undertow Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

We provide tangible business solutions that are pragmatic, with instant benefits realization. We are not here for the Cheap and Trendy; we are here to offer digital enablers that are intended to:

  • Give your clients a stellar experience 

  • Give them convenience

  • Help you understand their needs, aspirations and preferences

  • Optimize your operations by removing redundancies and bottlenecks 

  • Grow with more technology and lean work force, and thereby removing human interventions and potential for errors

  • Help you protect your bottom-line and grow the toplines, most importantly

Client Relationship Management

The modern consumer is driven by convenience and ease of doing business with their business partners and service providers. Imagine a platform where with a click of a button, everything about your client pops up. Same space, some window. Basically that is the definition of ease of doing business and a bird's eye view of who you are doing business with.

Business Analytics

Key to the survival of every business is the appreciation of who your customers are, their needs and aspirations, and how conveniently those needs and aspirations can be met. We help you glean these insight through the use of robust and intuitive analytical tools so you can know your clients and serve them better

Parent-Teacher Relationship Management 

Imagine having a total view of everything that has to do with your ward in a particular school. From payments, through regular PTA communication to what they eat.... Imagine knowing their performance and the content they are consuming as it happens. That is the Solution we offer

Website Development And Management

Website Development and management has never been this easy. With Digital Undertow, we present you with a bouquet of options to choose from so we can give you the right website that fits your budget and your business needs without compromising its beauty and security.  

Our Driving Undertow

Unprecedented Transformation. Impeccable Reliability.

Our Journey started with the birth of a vision where one does not have to visit a service provider and repeat everything they had told another agent of the same firm a week ago. I wanted to be remembered, and I wanted the conversation to progress. I wanted to feel that  my earlier complaint or request was being worked on, or that there were some answers awaiting me when I next visited. 


I didn't want to be a statistics in the big books of a big firm whose services I had used for ages. They must know me; my address, my date of birth, how much I have contributed to their growth, what my preferences are, what products I have purchased from them and what else they can share with me. I wanted to be known and remembered. 

And I also wanted them to know I don't open all their fancy emails campaigns. I wanted them to know from their fancy offices. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers... Humble beginings 


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Products Installed


Countries World Wide


Cloud Integration

Our Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We are here to help you do that. Book a discovery session. We will listen to all your needs and come back with a solutions that will work for you. We are cool like that. 

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