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Our Mission

To be the undergirding force for businesses, leading them into deeper insights, so they can efficiently and continuously delight their consumers 

Our Story

Our Journey started with the birth of a vision where one does not have to visit a service provider and repeat everything they had told another agent of the same firm a week ago. I wanted to be remembered, and I wanted the conversation to progress. I wanted to feel that  my earlier complaint or request was being worked on, or that there were some answers awaiting me when I next visited. 


I didn't want to be a statistics in the big books of a big firm whose services I had used for ages. They must know me; my address, my date of birth, how much I have contributed to their growth, what my preferences are, what products I have purchased from them and what else they can share with me . I wanted to be known and remembered. 

And I also wanted them to know I don't open all their fancy emails campaigns. I wanted them to know from their fancy offices. 


I hated to stop what I was doing to visit my kids' school to know what was happening, have a meeting about their progress and to request for statement of account on school fees I have paid in the last 4 years. Do they even keep that kind of record? I wanted to be a part of their daily lives while we were Apart and have a more detailed relationship with the school. 


I thrive on information and being aware of everything happening around me, you see. I thrive on convenience, I thrive on insights and how the plethora of things happening around me have nuances and layers of information that can help me make better choices and decisions. 


Sadly not many tools existed with those I interacted and dealt with on the regular to take me to the depths I wanted. So I said, come, let us build these tools so that by equipping them, I and millions of others can get exactly what we want. 


So, firstly we setup a company , then we started building. 

                                                                                                   -The CEO

Digital Undertow is led by individuals who wear many hats. They have strong backgrounds in client services, business analytics and  risk management. They are also at the forefront of innovations in the digital space, developing solutions, leading Digital Transformation agenda for multinationals, and driving change in their various capacities. But most importantly they are restless consumers who do not want to throw up their hands in the air in despair, but lead the change they want to experience. 


Our leadership is not motivated by profit neither are they motivated by the need to show their prowess in developing strange things. They just want convenience and stellar consumer experience.


All our personnel are sourced with one thing in mind - to deliver nothing short of excellence.  The solutions we deliver have the satisfaction of the end user, who is either the business or their consumers, as the ultimate drive. 

Experienced Leadership

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