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Data Architects and Engineers


We will be glad to welcome a Specialist Contractor in the field of Data Science and Engineering, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, UX Design and General Cloud infrastructure Depending on the scope of work, you may work independently or in a project-specific collaborative team, to deliver these solutions to our clients. The Doctrine undergirding your role involves the transformation of our client's data management as well as embedding analytics to support their digital transformation and strategy. Our client's key needs are for increased automation, efficiency and quality, saving them time and cost and unlocking latent value from their data. If you have mastery in any of the underlisted fields, gig with us • Data Strategy, Architecture and Governance • Data Management and Security • Data Modelling • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence • Data Integration • Data Platforms • Data Quality and Integrity • Reporting and Analytics • Data Visualisation and Storytelling. Expertise in Microsoft Microsoft Azure stack, will be a big plus. Is this gig jumping at you?

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